Meet Amber!

Savannah & Hilton Head's happiest wedding photographer

I seriously have the best job. Though you'll hardly notice me when it counts, I'll have a front row seat for the happiest day of your life. I'll squeal in excitement when you slip on your dress. I'll cheer at your first kiss as husband and wife. I'll cry with you when you dance with your daddy (and mom!). I'll sing and laugh (and dance!) when the celebration begins.

I will bring the sunshine even on a rainy day, and you may not know it yet- but you will be so thankful I was there by your side. When you can think back and smile, I will be happy knowing I have served you well. You want beautiful photos to hold close long after your memories start to fade. These are the reasons why I do what I do.

When I'm not behind the camera you'll find me at home with my 3 precious boys (#boymom) and my amazing hubby who can do anything he sets his mind to. 

I was born in Ohio, raised in Florida, and have been living a dream just outside Savannah since 2006.

Even after 17 years of living in Savannah.  When the glowy sun shines through the moss, it can still take my breath away. Gorgeous old oak trees have been known to literally make me cry. True story.

1. mossy oak trees

As much as I love plants and animals, my heart will always be in the Costa Rican Rainforest. I've been 3 times, and would go for every vacay if I could. I will own a jungle treehouse one day, and all of you are invited!

2. costa rica

Yes, I'm savannah's favorite beekeeping wedding photographer!  It makes my heart happy to do nice things for the environment. The honey is sweet reward!

3. beekeeping

Home-gown veggies, fruit trees, even chickens. There's nothing quite so satisfying as producing your own food. Don't worry, I don't eat my chicken, they have old lady names and are part of the family. 

4. Urban farming

Oh gosh, how I love them. I even grow my very own Mojito Mint in the garden! 

5. mojitos

From the middle school talent show, to two- stepping in college, and belly dancing and salsa as an adult. You better believe I'll put my camera down to Wobble with you at the wedding.

6. dancing

If glitter was a color, it would be my favorite. I want it on my nails, on my phone case, on my shoes... and eventually... on my car!

7. glitter

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