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Here is a little collection of fun and useful tips and ideas I’ve gathered over my 8 years in wedding photography! Remember your wedding day isn’t a photo shoot, but incorporating some of these will sure result in some fun photos and priceless memories!

#1 PNB— Pubes not boobs!



Haha, hopefully I got your attention on that one! This isn’t so much of a “fun” tip, but very useful!! Repeat to yourself “Pubes not boobs” when walking down the aisle, or during portrait time. You don’t want to cover that beautiful dress with your flowers, so hold them at hip level. This is a fun little phrase to get some genuine reactions from your bridesmaids, too!

#2 Slow it down!



Make sure you walk down the aisle S L O W L Y … let it all sink in, soak up the moment with dad, mom or whomever is escorting you. Let everyone stare and smile, make eye contact with your loved ones, feel all the love.

#3 Bring your fur baby!



They are part of the family after all! Let them make an appearance, and walk down the aisle with the groom perhaps! It would be helpful to hire a non-guest handler who can tend to them during the important parts, so family and friends don’t have to miss anything if the pup gets a little too excited!


#4 Veil trouble



If you are getting married on the beach, you may want to instruct the Maid of Honor to remove your veil if it gets out of hand. Some days are windier than others, and you don’t want the veil flying in your face, or completely off, during the ceremony.


#5 Hold that kiss!



The most important photo moment. Even the fastest cameras and trigger fingers can miss a kiss if it is a fraction of a second long. Do your photographer a favor, hold it for at least 3 seconds to absolutely guarantee that important photo, and maybe different angles of it as well!

#6 Walking up the aisle in style!



Such a great opportunity to have your guests toss things, blow bubbles, dance, etc. I’ve seen beach balls, petals, natural confetti, and seed.  When it comes to petals– think smaller is better. A smaller petal is less obtrusive and therefore will result in better photos!


#7 STOP, in the name of photos!



Perhaps my favorite— STOP at the back on the aisle!! Throw your arms up, dip, kiss, jump, whatever your style is- just do something! This gives your guests a chance to get excited and be seen in the background, which would make a super fun photo with everybody!


I hope you enjoyed this collection of tips and ideas for your wedding ceremony! Reach out by clicking the contact button, and let’s chat about photography needs for your special day!



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